I examine painting as an interface for mediating a tender transparent intimacy. The illusionary components of my work are designed to be visually dissectible; I want the viewer to understand how I construct space on a two-dimensional surface. These tactics extend to the physical space my paintings exist in. I build wooden structures that form to my paintings; these structures deploy configurations of raw quotidian architectural cues, such as walls, table tops, and an internal/external interplay. The      re-articulation of this architectural vernacular infringes on the perceived neutrality of the space. I intend to form an awareness on how physical material and patterns of phenomena construct, support, and perpetuate the affective response my paintings evoke.  

My paintings aim to form a familiarity through deploying common patterns of visual information, such as gradients, drop shadows, and transparencies arranged in a way to graze against specific liminal cues that form representational categories. I want my paintings to flicker, tease, re-articulate and optimistically contradict its own content and formal structure.